From time to time, I’ve seen Fascinations / Metal Earth ask on their various social medias for suggestions for models, and I’ve seen a lot of good ideas. But I wonder how much interest there is in each idea / genre. So I thought that – seeing as I now have a blog – I could try gathering answers to that question on my own. Of course if I make it open-ended, it would end up with the same results: everyone adding their own ideas, ideas being duplicated, and not much of a view into the level of interest in any specific ideas. So I decided to put together a list of models / model genres in a cheeky sort of way. I’ve tried to capture as many of the most common items I’ve seen suggested (or suggested myself). Apologies if I haven’t covered your top-interest items in the list.

I may even share the results of this poll with the little birdie I know on the inside (or they may see it on their own). Who knows, maybe it might help some of the underdogs get considered. Keep in mind, though, that when it comes to making a model a reality, licensing can be the biggest obstacle, so even if there’s a huge amount of support for an idea, if the owner of the source material is not open to licensing it, then it’s not going to happen.

What Metal Earth / ICONX models do you want to see in the future? (pick up to 10)

And just in case you are worried, I’m not going to use this information for anything nefarious. I’m just curious about the spread of interest in the community.

UPDATE (Nov 12, 2019): Well, we’ve got 73 votes so far! Makes me really want either 2 or 27 more votes. haha. Anyways, I enjoy visualizing data sometimes, and also experimenting with my JavaScript skills, so I’ve thrown together this Voting Visualization Page that attempts to give a visual representation of how the voting ebbed and flowed with respects to the rankings of the responses. Oddly, for the animation, it turned out better to have the winner at the bottom of the list, so that’s kinda weird, but that’s what it is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work off live data, so I just have to update the results every once in a while. But since things have slowed down, that shouldn’t be an issue.