Thanks to the avid internet sleuthing of several builders, I have a few updates on how to get your hands on some exclusives that you may not know about.

First off, via reddit’s Drummer7416, who got it via interface2x, we have a link to pre-order the Books-A-Million exclusive Hogwarts Express (in color, with tracks)! Unfortunately, the in-color Burrow model is still not listed for sale on the website. Here’s the URL:

Also, from multiple sources, including a comment from rjlmill on this blog itself, we’ve got some links to pick up the two new Red Ford models at the Amazon Storefront Tru Inertia, both individually and as a bundle. I’ve conferred with my birdie on the inside and learned that that these have been labelled as in-store exclusives for HobbyTown because they are the only brick-and-mortar stores you can find them in. And this Amazon store is the only online location you can get them (unless HobbyTown sells them on their website). Here are the URLs:
Model T:

And finally, in case you missed the share by AnimateOrange (and brought up again by rjmill) the Target exclusive Red Millenium Falcon is now on clearance, and you no longer need a Red Card to purchase it. Grab it while Supplies Last! URL below: