It is with sadness that I report that Metal Earth has chosen to start retiring a whole heap of models, the bulk of which is almost the entire line of Legends models. Now, I know there’s quite a few of you builders out there who think of the Legends line as a bit of a joke. And I kinda understood that. But I decided to try them out, and I actually found them to be fun to build. And I kinda began to enjoy their quirky boxy look. But that’s not all that’s heading out, there are models from all sorts of categories. Here’s the “complete” list of retiring models:

  • Legends
    • All Legends, except for the Flinstones Car
  • My Little Pony
    • All of them
  • Butterflies
    • All butterflies, except for the Monarch
  • Architecture
    • Burj al Arab
    • Burj Khalifa
    • Javits Convention Center
    • Tower of the Americas
    • Auckland Sky Tower
  • Ships
    • Commuter Ferry
    • Hong Kong Ferry
  • Miscellaneous
    • Beach Buggy
    • Japanese Rickshaw
    • Bird House
    • Golf Cart Set
    • Pan Am China Clipper – Box Version (maybe? I left this off originally, because I thought it had been retired for a while, both it and the “sleeved” version of it. But AnimateOrange recalls it differently, so for the sake of completeness, I’m including it)

I personally have built a number of these. But there’s a whole host of them I have not. And I now weep for my unrealistic goal of having a complete set of Metal Earth models. I weep, for I must bury it. There’s no way I can afford to purchase all the remaining models on this list in short order (unless I get a whole heap of people purchasing “cups of coffee” for me, lol).

As usual, I have updated the checklist, to reflect the discontinued/retired/retiring state of these models. It’s much sadness.

Source: MetalEarth