Did you know that Metal Earth has a newsletter? Did you know that they have fairly regular creative photo challenges in the newsletter? Did you know that the winners get free models? Did you know that they started shipping contest prizes internationally? Did you know that you don’t actually have to be signed up for the newsletter to enter? Well if not, you do now!

This month’s newsletter challenge is a Free-For-ALL challenge. That means anything goes, as long as you do something creative in it! The deadline for submissions is October 11th, and you send your submissions to marketing@fascinations.com. The full details are captured in the screenshot below (or you can see the digital version of the newsletter here):

Want to stay up to date on the contests, while only getting one email a month? You can sign up for the newsletter yourself! I don’t represent Fascinations/Metal Earth, so I’m not trying to trick you or anything. I just want to share the opportunities to get free models. I’ve won this contest (and others) in the past, and I can tell you that the prize is for real! So if you do want to sign up, you can go to MetalEarth.com and scroll down to the bottom, where you will see the following sign-up form (on the right side, if you are not using a phone):

I should probably state, however, that Fascinations has sent me some models to review from time to time. And while I do appreciate them doing so (obviously), it doesn’t change how I approach my reviews and decide what to write about. They didn’t ask me to post this, I just wanted to get the word out about this contest, in case you didn’t know about it!