Three new, and rather ornate, models have appeared on the Piececool website: the Palace Lantern, the Wedding Dress, and the Wedding Bed. These are all scheduled for release on the 5th of September, so that’s gonna be pretty soon. They also appear to feature a rather different style of packaging, which appears to be much more geared towards the Chinese market (very little English text).

In addition, these models are being announced on the Piececool website in a slightly different way. Instead of each model getting it’s own slider, these three new models are being combined into a single slider, that also features the Phoenix Coronet and Bridal Sedan Chair. From what I can make out from the translation of the details of these models (and some very light internet searching) this is completing a set of models from a Chinese opera with a title that translates, roughly, to Ten Miles of Red Makeup.

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