Metal Earth is just cranking out the Fords! Got this update showing a sixth Ford model that should be appearing in the coming soon section in the coming weeks. This is a dark-green variant of the classic 1908 Ford Model T, and will be widely available, which should somewhat appease those of you that are frustrated by the red version being an exclusive. Now you’ll at least be able to get a colored version without the hunt-for-the-exclusive aspect (although I hear there might be a different way to get the red model if you don’t have a HobbyTown nearby, I’ll update you on that when I have more details).

So, again, this is a photo of a sample model, so it’s not final. There may be various changes to improve the look and/or build quality before it arrives on the coming soon page, and/or is released. And just in case you wonder like I did, the red colored sections below the windshield and on the steering column are intentional (though it might get changed to match the green… see statement about this not being final). Apparently, the original 1908 models often had the red there, even if the rest of the car was a different color. I just didn’t realize this because it’s so hard to tell in all the black and white photos you see from that era (*rimshot*).

Source: a reliable insider