Well, I’ve got an update for you on the post from yesterday! My inside source was able to get me these pre-production shots of the 5 classic Ford models that should be appearing on the Coming Soon page in the next few weeks. Now, keep in mind that these are builds of what I believe are the sample runs they get before the go to production. That means that these do not represent the final form of the models. From this point, I believe they will tweak and adjust to fine-tune the build experience and appearance of the models.

I’m still pretty excited to bring these preview pictures to you, even if the models might change a little (or a lot, we don’t know). But I’m sure there are going to be quite a few of you excited about these models. I’m not a huge fan of building car models (I grew up building space ships, cause I’m a nerd)… but these just look gorgeous. And adorable. I love the touch of including the Sam’s General Store logo on the Model A. Oh! And I also found out that these are targeted for a November/December release time frame, barring issues.

Source: a reliable insider