So if you watch AnimateOrange’s news videos, or you read my Rumor Mill post when I first published it, you’ll know that there were some rumblings about HobbyTown getting some in-store exclusive colorized versions of the Ford Mustang and Model T. Well, I’ve finally got your confirmation right here, with some photographic evidence! Personally, I’m feeling the Model T a lot more than the Mustang. The gold (brass) accent just really makes it pop!

Okay, wait, I take that back. I just noticed the new wheels on the Mustang. Got some stylish hubcaps for this revision! Guess I’ll just have to get them both! Of course, models are always subject to change before they hit the shelves, as we’ve seen before. So take this with a grain of salt. Which hopefully means there’s still a chance for them to add a millimeter or so of slack into the windshield support struts on the Model T, so it doesn’t pull the windshield out of alignment. I was really hoping they would fix that.

Want some more inside information? These aren’t the only Ford classics getting the Metal Earth color treatment. Word is that we’ll be seeing 5 more drop on the Coming Soon page in not too long. The list includes a 1910 Model T, a 1925 Model T Roundabout, a 1931 Model A, a 1932 Ford Coupe, and a 1937 Ford Pickup! I’ll put up another post when those go live, and I get some pictures to go with it.

Oh, and you can check out AnimateOrange’s video about this for his take on the news.

Source: a reliable insider