Yeah, that’s right. We’ve known about the ICONX Star Destroyer for a while, and then they sneak these in under the radar? I can tell you that I’ve been hoping for an ICONX Artoo for quite some time, and I’m not surprised (or disappointed) with the X-Wing. Again, I’m going to say that I’m hoping this is just the beginning, and my other ICONX wish (AT-AT) is on it’s way.

I know some people may be getting tired of Star Wars and color models. But I’m not. And you can’t really blame Metal Earth, you make what people ask for, and you make what sells. And Star Wars sells! These two models are now at the top of my wish list, right next to the Star Destroyer. And because I was curious, I made some not-to-scale comparison photos to show these models compared to their classic Metal Earth version (and MEGA, too, for Artoo):

According to my reliable insider, the tentative release time frame is late fall, but that’s not written in stone. Still not sure about the release timing for the Star Destroyer.

As usual, the checklist has been updated.

Source: Metal Earth, Metal Earth, Metal Earth.