Fascinations has recently released the 2nd Edition of the 2019 catalog, and it contains hints of a few new models and a confirmation of a model teased at the New York Toy Fair.

First, the more exciting, yet predictable, news is that we will be getting 5 new Star Wars models for the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga. Also unsurprising is the fact that the specific models are still under wraps, this time until October 4th. They all appear to have the standard MMS### model number of a regular Metal Earth model, rather than an ICX### number used for ICONX. However…

Teased way back in February, the ICONX Imperial Star Destroyer is finally making it’s official appearance, albeit in a small, low-resolution image inside the report. This model was originally teased at the New York Toy Fair, where some avid Star Wars fans were able to capture a few photos of a prototype build, as well as a large teaser poster.

UPDATE: TychusTran on reddit clarified the visual appearance change in the catalog from the look shown at NYTF. Specifically the coating/printing style has changed to be similar to the P-51 Sweet Arlene. He also shared updated photos of the new look (though the base in these photos is an older design than the final one shown in the catalog photo above). I really like the subtlety of this printing style, personally.

If you want to peruse the catalog, it can be viewed (and downloaded as a PDF) from Fascinations website here. I’ve also updated my checklist with some placeholder entries for the mystery Star Wars models.

Source for NYTF Photos: Jedi News
Source for Updated Photos: TychusTran