You read that right. Piececool has taken it to the next level with an integrated music box component, complete with rotation of part of the model. In addition they have also added an architecture model and a battleship. But we’ll start with the showstopper, of course.

The Princess Jasmine model looks to be a rather impressive, if not a little creepy, creation. Scheduled for release on August 6th, this 3.5 sheet model measures in at just under 8 inches tall (19.5 cm), and is sure to attract a different audience than the usual fare (which I, personally, think is a good thing).

Next up is the Tang Paradise model, another gorgeous Asian architectural model. Man do they know how to make things attractive over there. This beautiful structure is roughly 6″ x 4″ x 3.25″ ( 15.5 x 10 x 8.5cm) and is built from 4 full sheets. Looks to be releasing around July 25th.

Finally, we have the Kongou Battleship model. That’s the official English name of the model, but I kinda like the fact that Google Translate changed it to the King Kong Battleship. If this model is anything like the other large battleships, it’s going to a meticulous but rewarding build, measuring in at around 12 inches (21cm) long. This 3.5 sheet model will also be releasing somewhere around the 25th of July.

As you might expect, I’ve updated the Piececool checklist with these models.

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