So last week, Reddit’s ever helpful /u/Drummer7416 shared a post about another Universal model. And I scrolled past it, because it was labelled as “Entrance Arch” and I’d already posted about that model. Well, come last Friday, I watch AnimateOrange’s news video, and he throws it up in his news as a new model, and I realize that I’ve gone and goofed. It does, indeed, say Entrance Arch on it, but it also has some tiny text above it that identifies it as the Hollywood Studios Entrance Arch. Oh, and it looks completely different, too. *facepalm*.

So then I completely forgot about it, until watching AnimateOrange’s news video for this week, and remembered it. So I went on eBay, looking for the source images that Drummer had posted about, and… found that there is also a Hollywood Studios Globe! I think I actually like this globe better, as it looks much classier with the silver/gold color scheme. Anyways, sorry for dropping the ball on posting about the Arch, but now I know about the Globe, too!

I’ve updated the checklist, as usual, to include these models.

Source: eBay, eBay