For a while now, Barnes and Noble has had some specially packaged bundles of two or three models, but I’ve now heard from a reliable inside source that they will soon be adding an Exclusive model to the lineup when they introduce the bundle packs for Game of Thrones. That exclusive new model is the Targaryen Sigil.

The new model will be bundled with Drogon, and there will be another bundle pack of the Iron Throne and Red Keep. I’m hearing that they might run for something around $40 per pack, and are expected to be in stores by August-ish. Oh, and these are a limited run, from what I understand, so it will be a “while supplies last” kind of situation. And for those of you that are tired of seeing all the color models, I hear there might be some love coming your way, at a later date. Of course, all of this is not set in stone, and is subject to change, but this is what I’ve heard.

As usual, I’ll be updating my checklist to include this new model. You can also check out AnimateOrange’s video about this here.

And for those that have taken the time to read this far, I have some additional hints from that same reliable source about things to come. It seems that we may soon be seeing some HobbyTown exclusives, two existing vehicle models revisited with color. The deal’s not inked just yet, so I’m not going to share more than that – don’t want to jinx the situation. I will post an update if/when I have more concrete information about that.

Source: a reliable insider