Found a nice little surprise when I checked out Piececool’s page today: they’ve added two new coming soon models.

First off is the Fuso Battleship, which sorta kinda looks like a kitbashing lovechild of the Batleship Yamato and the HMS Prince of Wales. I mean, obviously it’s not. And, like other ships in this vein, it’s pretty long, clocking in at about 12 inches (30.5 centimeters).

And then there’s the other addition, the Wenchang Tower, and it seriously appears to tower. According to the facts sheet, this model is going to be 8 inches tall(20.2 centimeters) It also looks like a lot of lather-rinse-repeat will be in store for anyone that takes this on.

I’ve updated the Piececool checklist to include these two, and they appear to both be dropping into the market around 6/25.

Source: Piececool, Piececool