Thanks again to the wonderful @turcicus, who helps keep me informed of the new models appearing at random times at Disney Parks. I’ve been suspicious that something new would drop soon, thanks to Galaxies Edge opening. And it cometh. Now, while we already have 5 of these droids as models already, these are all new models, not just repackaged. They aren’t even the Droid Pack broken into individual packages. These are all new. I’ve now updated this with some new photos from WDWNT, giving us some better resolution and more detail.

  • Artoo is colored, not-weathered, and positioned in an upright pose with his center “leg” stowed.
  • Threepio has the silver leg from the original trilogy (which makes my mod version a little redundant now).
  • Beebee appears to be extending a tool of some sort.
  • The model that looks like Pilot Droid Rex is actually DJ-R3X, a version of that robot that apparently DJ’s at one of the locations in Galaxies Edge.
  • Kaytoo is either in mid-stride or in a defensive/aggressive pose, unlike the former models where he is just standing at ease (or more likely at disappointment).
  • And they added an Elthree model! I was somewhat disappointed when the line of Solo models didn’t include L3-37, because she has such a unique design.

In addition, all three have rather different bases, and appear to have been packaged in a new style that matches a packaging theme for the Droid Depot in Galaxies Edge. I have found one source listing their price at $21.99. I want all of them. Elthree the most, but all of them, if I can get them.

Also, I’ve updated my Metal Earth Checklist, of course.

Sources:, WDWNT