Piececool added 2 new models to their website, breaking the silence for the first time in a while. These are both listed as releasing around 5/25/2019.

First up is the brand new Black Dragon King, which looks pretty amazing to me. According to the rough translation from Google, it looks like this beast of a model is based on some popular video game, but it doesn’t seem to specify which, so I guess it’s not officially licensed? Either way, I am eager to add this one to my collection.

Second new addition is not nearly as new, as it is an import of the ICONX Parrot (Jubilee Macaw). For some reason, though, they have decided that it’s English name in China is going to be Scarlet Macaw. I’ll not be adding this one to my collection… because I already have the ICONX version in my build queue.

I’ve updated the Piececool Checklist to include these two new models.